Lailahailallah Muhammadurasullulah

This Kalimah is just a sacred pledge of man with Allah that is when abeliever solemnly reads this kalimah, he admits before Allah that he ishis sincere and faithful servant, he will obey his commandement and will avoid all The forbidden Thinks. Therefore,
One must keep in mint four in portent poins about this kalimah ; first he Should remember its words in t means, the he correct form, second he should remember its correct translation, third he should remember its exact meaning, fourth he should observe its practical ments and accordingly! Its words and their Translation This kalimah has two parts: First lailaha illaallah, second Muhammadur Rasulullah and their the unity of god, “No one worthy of worship but Allah, and Mohammad is his true messenger” The meaning of This kalimah When a believer admints that no one is worthy of worship but Allah, it necessarily means that he should worship no one in The whole universe, but Alminghty, and should being no parner to him in worship conserthing all the principles of islam. He should believe him to be his sole guardian and helper in distress to be present every were, seeing and hearing everthing in the world. He should trust in this guidance and should faith fully obey his command ments: more over he should not follow the customs and usages that are contrary to his command ments, In All the affairs of his life, he sould follow the teacings of the Holy Quran; he should hope for his mercy, and shoud fear his wrath; he should completely rely upon him his guidance!
The second part of the Kalimah that is a Mohammadur rasulullah that after believing in the unity of god, when I would desire to follow the commandments of Allah I can not do so unless I keep mohammad. (peace be on him) my instructor and guide to the right patch, that is faithful and true massaenger of Allah, who tought us nothing of his own will or desire, The obedience of the holy prophet Muhammad is really the obedience of Allah, and lovefor him; is love for Allah. One must believe that to be obedient to him is an obligatory thing, and he should submit to his orders. With out any objection. Wahever he has told us of the unsen things like angels, luck, ell paradise,the incidents in grave and the Resurrection we must believe that the method of living, which he has told us. And has be haved him self accordingly is the the method which has been apereciated by Allah; and anyone who acts contrary to it. Does no tread the righ path and is not loved by Allah.

The Requisites of kalimah Tayyibah

When A muslim has firm faith in kalimah, undoubledly he becomes a true believer, and than he has to abandon All the forbidden things. And observe the commandments of Allah. That is why the holy prophet has said” firs effect of “La ilaha illallah” is that is should prevent its reader of such a sacred kalimah, must observe the commandment of Allah on All acceasions. He should keep them in mind in marriage, indeath, in taking meals while going to sleep, on waking up, on deals and all other occasion he should faithfully observe the commandment of Allah and should give up.the forbidden things.
The benefits the kalimah
This kalimah has many spiritual benefits. The holy prophet said “ The most distinguished Dhikr is La ilaha illallah Again he say read the kalimah a hundred times everyday for is the best compensation for ones sins, and no good deed is batter that this in another Hadith he says. What over reads la ilaha illallah hundred times in the morning, and a hundred time in the evening; he shall have the posterity of Ishmael “
In another hadith the Holy prophet say : keep your faith fresh by reading and observing "la illaha illallah."

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