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Does God Exist? If Not Then Who Else Answer Our Prayers

Our faith plays an important function in keeping us in good mental and physical health. Belief and practice in our Islamic teachings plays an integral role in helping us cope with the stresses of daily life. Praying to Allah (swt) and truly believing that He is capable of changing any situation for the better will have a positive effect on our mental condition. Instead of worrying and obsessing about a problem, one should depend on Allah (swt). We have been created by the Almighty to be tested and tried, and our success lies in perseverance and patience during these difficult episodes in life. In such circumstances, a person must remember that Allah is our only Savior and Protector. The One whom we will never lose like our other relations; Who is always be with us and Who always thinks and plans best for us.
Spiritual Healing of Mind: Please take a moment to relax your mind and humble your heart to focus on Almighty God. Allow Almighty God, to occupy your mind while you read this eBook. When you read this eBook you will discover new ways to: Solve your problems, Psychological needs, Overcome your hardship and daily life events, Have happy and peaceful relations, End loneliness, Educate yourself against New Age, and much more...

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh): A mercy to all creatio

The personality of Muhummed, it is most difficult to get into the whole truth of it. Only a glimpse of it I can catch. What a dramatic succession of picturesque scenes. There is Muhummed, the Prophet, there is Muhummed, the General; Muhummed, the King; Muhummed, the Warrior; Muhummed, the Businessman; Muhummed, the Preacher; Muhummed, the Philosopher; Muhummed, the Statesman; Muhummed, the Orator; Muhummed, the Reformer; Muhummed, the Refuge of Orphans; Muhummed, the Protector of slaves; Muhummed, the Emancipator of women; Muhummed, the Judge; Muhummed, the Saint. And in all these magnificent roles, in all these departments of human activities, he is alike a hero.
Orphanhood is the extreme of helplessness and his life upon this earth began with it. Kingship is the height of the material power and his life ended with it. From an orphan boy to a persecuted refugee and then to an overlord, spiritual as well as temporal, of a whole nation and Arbiter of its destinies, with all its trials and temptations, with all its vicissitudes and changes, its lights and shades, its up and downs, its terror and splendor, he has stood the fire of the world and came out unscathed to serve as a model in every face of life. His achievements are not limited to one aspect of life, but cover the whole field of human conditions. more...

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